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Welcome to Coach's Corner! Just before the players charge out to the field for a game, it's the coach's talk that gets the team focused on the goal ahead of them.   In the same way, our short 2-5 minute coaching videos help you and your group focus on the purpose and goal of each chapter of your Brother to Brother or Life On Life workbooks. If you're just starting a new group, open the video "Who's Ready to Make Disciples." Next, move on to "Your First Meeting". After that, click on the corresponding chapter video title, depending on which manual you're using.


Download the videos to create your own Coach's Corner video library on your computer desktop and share them with your group members.. When used in tandem with your Coach's Guide, you're ready to pray up and take the field with your group each time you begin a new chapter. Are you ready? Who's Ready to Make Disciples? Let's get started.

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